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Many of our web visitors and guests often submit questions for our editor to answer. Some of these questions are theological in nature, while others are related to our specific website. We greatly appreciate all of these questions, and would like to encourage you to continue sending them in to us. For your convenience, we have decided to list the most commonly asked questions here on this web page. Simply click the question that you want an answer to, and you will be forwarded to a web page that features a brief answer. If you can't find the question that you have in mind, then please feel free to forward it to our staff. General response time to any inquiry is usually one to two business days, unless of course the question is unusually difficult to answer and requires in depth research, in which case it may take up to a week to get an answer. Visitor questions are published only with the permission of the original author of the submission.

Some of the questions that we receive by email are religious in nature, where web visitors and guests will ask us what our own personal religious beliefs are. Both of our website editors are Christian, and so you'll notice that our articles and info tend to focus and lean a bit towards a Christian perspective, however we have both also studied Judaism and Islam, and will also be writing articles on how angels relate to those two religions as well. Our goal is to make our website interesting for everyone, regardless of your own personal religious or non religious background. Our aim with this information isn't to convert anyone to any particular sort of belief system either, our website is strictly informational in nature, and meant for entertainment purposes. If you notice any factual errors in our articles, then don't hesitate to contact us with a correction. All of our articles and information are very well researched, so hopefully any errors are rare in frequency.

Another tangent of questions that we received often pertain to Seraphim within the context of contemporary culture and technology, specifically in video games and music. One very popular game that features the Seraphim angels, is called Sacred. I have never played this particular game, but I have plans of buying Sacred 2 Fallen Angel, as I'm a huge fan of RPG games. Both part one and part two of Sacred feature Seraphim angels as a class of playable characters, however I don't know all of the specifics regarding game play features as compared to the Seraphim as they exist within theology. Once I finally play the game, I will be able to answer those questions more thoroughly. With regard to music, we often get questions regarding what type of songs or lyrics feature the Seraphim angels by mention. One of the most popular contemporary songs that use the Seraphim as a main theme, is entitled Host Of Seraphim by the group Dead Can Dance.

Another subject we receive questions regarding, is whether or not we sell glass angel figurines or angel art of any kind. Unfortunately we do not, nor have we ever sold any sort of Seraphim or angel related merchandise. We're not totally opposed to selling angel related gifts, art, or jewelry on our website, and this might be something we explore in the long term future. However for the time being we're focused solely on building a large informational portal. If you are looking for angel related gifts, then we would encourage you to search around in Google or Bing, as there are tons of cool websites available that do sell these types of gifts. We would like to take this time to thank you all for checking out our frequently asked questions section. We plan to grow this part of our website continually into the long term future, so please check back in regularly for updates. Also please be sure to drop us a note if you have any questions about our website content.
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