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In the Christian faith as well as within Christian angelology, Ireul is a powerful angel of fear. Legend has it that the first Christians of Europe used to keep small amulets with Ireul's named engraved into them, and then give them to women to wear during pregnancy. It is said that by wearing this amulet while pregnant, that the unborn child will grow up fearing the Lord God, which essentially means that the child will have an extremely strong moral compass, knowing clearly what is right and what is wrong. These amulets themselves were usually fairly modest in build, and were quite often attached to prayer beads. According to biblical scholars, this practice was eventually condemned by the Christian church, as the engraving of the angel's name was seen almost as a type of witchcraft, or akin to an occult like angel summoning ritual. Occult groups use binding amulets and pendants to summon and keep the spirit and power of angels and demons alike.

There are many mainstream Christian academics specifically within the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches that do not believe in Ireul the Angel of Fear. Several scholars have claimed that Lord Jesus Christ had a message that was very specific regarding fear, stating that Christians should not be fearful or worried, because God will provide for them. Jesus also states often that love triumphs fear, and all other bitter emotions. These same scholars that doubt the angel Ireul's authenticity, claim that he or she is likely just an angel from the Old Testament, that was used within a certain context, however this specific context shouldn't be taken and applied elsewhere. It is also speculated that the early Christians who had just converted from European paganism, likely attached a lot of pagan deity like characteristics and attributes to Ireul that are not at all backed by scripture, both the canonical and noncanonical. The debate about Ireul will likely rage forward.

According to quite a few New Age and angel focused occult groups, Ireul is the angelic commander of fear. Many of these groups will perform summoning rituals and seances to call upon the angel Ireul, and then they will use the angel's power to either evoke a terrible and paralyzing fear in an adversary, or they will use it to strip away all fears possessed by the conjurer. Many times they will bind the magic spell to an object of some kind, and usually an object that a person wears often like a ring, necklace, pendant, or clothing article. Or sometimes they will bind it to a small pouch that contains something very personal from the intended recipient of the angelic power, and then they will hide it somewhere so that it can often be in the person's presence without being detected, like under a chair or bed, or sewed in a thick jacket. Obviously these sorts of odd rituals are totally condemned within every denomination of Christianity, and seen as a great and evil sin.

With regard to artistic representations of Ireul, it's unlikely you will find any traditional earlier period Christian pieces, in both painting and sculpture. In fact I spent four hours in the main Portland library, and I didn't find so much as one single Ireul based work of art. It's not surprising however, as lesser known angels tend to only have a light representation within art, if they are represented at all. So if you are an artist, and you either paint or sculpt a Judeo Christian scriptural backed version of Ireul the Angel of Fear, then it will probably be one of the only religious inspired Ireul angel portrayals out there. Obviously there are a number of contemporary and Japanese anime Ireul artworks, however all of the examples that I have seen do not represent the biblical interpretation of the angel even in the slightest sense. If you happen to come across any good artistic interpretations of Ireul, then please contact our staff. Cheers, I hope you enjoyed this article.
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