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Within Judeo Christian inspired demonology, Orobas is often referred to as one of the great princes of hell. Legend has it that Orobas commands twenty separate legions of demons, and that he is one of Lucifer's most competent and loyal generals. Some older period demonology inspired occult works state that Orobas was one of the demons that fought under Lucifer's banner during the great rebellion in heaven. It is said that Orobas and several of his legions were flanked by the holy archangel Michael's angelic knights, and that while Orobas' men began to route and flee the battlefield, that Michael himself charged Orobas, cut off his wings, speared Orobas through his gut with a holy lance, and then flung him out of heaven in a violent fashion. Due to Michael savaging Orobas during this conflict, it is thought that Orobas' body is still covered in scars from the fight, and it is also said that his gut or belly never fully healed from the lance blow of Michael.

Outside of a battle context, evil Orobas is said to possess a number of demonic powers. First it is said that he possesses the ability to answer any question put to him, regardless of whether the question pertains to the past, present, or future. Many other demons have this power, however Orobas' power is unique in that he can tell the future. Due to this ability, he is often referred to as the demon oracle, or as Lucifer's great demonic oracle. What is also quite unique, is that Orobas can answer any question about the celestial worlds of both heaven and hell, as well as with creation itself. Many of the most evil politicians, kings, queens, princes, and rulers of the world, are said to have sold their soul directly to Orobas, and in exchange he acts as their personal oracle, which often leads to great wealth and riches. Orobas also befriends many earthly conquerors, as he can help them to figure out the best time to do battle or to attack, so that they never lose.

Many fringe Satanists and bizarre occult groups, believe that you can personally summon Orobas, even if you are not a great dignitary or worldly leader. These groups believe that through using a series of chants and Satanic rituals, that you can summon the evil Orobas and bind him temporarily to the summoner. Once summoned, Orobas will be completely obedient and faithful to the conjurer, and he will answer all questions put to him with total honesty. It is also said however that the conjurer should never ever try to temp or trick Orobas after being summoned, as it could result in the conjurer's instant death. For example legend has it that several Satanists attempted to cross two summoning spells, and bind both Orobas and an archangel to a large binding crystal. Orobas knew what these Satanist clowns were attempting to do out of fun, and supposedly sent a reaper in his place, which once summoned it killed the four Satanists.

With regard to Orobas' physical appearance, it is said that in demonic form, he is a scarred and battle wounded half horse like demon, sort of like a centaur. Supposedly this is due to the fact that the archangel Michael cast both Orobas and his horse out of heaven, and when they hit the earth, they bound together to form one being, a sort of curse. Orobas' gut supposedly is a festering and bloody mess, due to Michael piercing it with his holy lance. This wound never healed, and it is claimed that it gives off a rotten stench. Orobas' wings also never grew back after Michael cut them off, so Orobas has two small stubs sticking out of his back. Aside from this fairly gruesome depiction of Orobas in demon form, it is said that he can often appear on earth as a very handsome human man, who usually gives off an air of refined sophistication and great wealth. Some people claim that you can find him amongst the list of the world's richest men, such as Forbes.
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