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This brief article will explore the Royal Order of the Seraphim, also known in Swedish as Kungliga Serafimerorden. The order was originally created in 1748 as a renown Swedish based royal order of chivalry, under the leadership of King Frederick I of Sweden. The order also includes the Swedish groups called the Order of the Polar Star, and the Order of the Sword. Upon the recent restructuring and reorganization of these groups in 1975, the order is now only given or awarded to foreign heads of state, and more often to royal family members of Sweden. The last recipient of the order that was not a royal family member, was a Swedish born lawyer named Sten Rudholm. Within the ranking system of The Royal Order of the Seraphim, there is only one class with the honors of Knight, making it the most honored order within all of Swedish society. Both women and clergymen are eligible for the order, meaning that is has no social obstacles.

The Royal Order Of The Seraphim, Order of the Sword, Order of the Polar Star, and Order of Vasa, all form the Orders of His Majesty the Swedish King, which currently is His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. The Orders of His Majesty are also known by another name for the Swedish chancellery which is the Orders in the Royal Palace. With regard to Swedish Knights or members of the cloth who hold the Royal Order Of The Seraphim, they are not known as Knights of the Seraphim, but are instead referred to or named as Knights and Commanders of the Orders of His Majesty the King of Sweden. The reason why this is done, is due in large part to the fact that the Swedish word orden has another meaning, which is that of the Commander Grand Cross or 1st Class of any other Swedish Order. Obviously as you can see, there is quite a complex system in place that governs the Swedish Orders, which will take some amount of time to comprehend.

As far as the insignia of the Royal Order of the Seraphim is concerned, it is quite complex in design and symbolism. The badge itself is worn on a long collar chain, or it is attached to a long sash that rests on the wearers right shoulder, with the star sitting on the left flank of the chest. The collar for the Order is done in gold, and it features eleven total patriarchal crosses that have been enameled in blue, and in turn those are attached to eleven gold seraphim angels. The badge is decorated with white enamel, and features a Maltese Cross that has a patriarchal cross and angel on each arm. The star of the Order is the same as that on the badge, with the exception that it's crosses and angels are created in silver, and without any enamel. The central badge itself contains a single crown, obviously symbolizing the Swedish Royal Family. Once we get copyright permission, we will post a photo of the badge down below so that you can see it.

If you are interested in gathering more information on the Swedish Royal Order of the Seraphim, then we would encourage you to visit the official website of the Swedish Royal Family. This can be found by conducting a simple search in any of the three main search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The website is really nice, and has high resolution photos of the badges that represent each Swedish Order. The website also has pages upon pages of more in depth information regarding the history of each of the Swedish Orders, as well as the intricate specifics that govern each of them. We would like to thank you all for taking the time to read through this brief article. Obviously the Royal Order of the Seraphim isn't directly related to theology, however I thought it would be fun to address the subject as it has a common theme with our website, and will undoubtedly be of interest to many of our most loyal website visitors.
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