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The video game Sacred 2 Fallen Angel features Seraphim angels, and since we receive a lot of inquiries requesting more information about the game, I thought I would write up this brief article. As the title of the game suggests, it is the second installment of the Sacred video game franchise. This specific game is actually a prequel of Sacred 1, and takes place roughly two thousand years before the time period of the first installment. In similar fashion to Sacred 1, the Fallen Angel prequel is set in a fantasy world, put into motion by a new game engine that is much more advanced than what the original Sacred game featured. This new engine is rendered in a 3D perspective, while still retaining the traditional focal point of the older isometric class of video games. The video game designer for Sacred 2 Fallen Angel is the acclaimed Bob Bates, who built it basically from the ground up, making sure that it lives up to it's predecessors rock solid reputation.

With regard to the game's plot, it focuses on a strange force which is called T-Energy, which is the origin and source of all the magic and life in the fantasy land of Ancaria. This land was once ruled by the ancient race of Seraphim angel warriors, however they would eventually go on to lose interest in holding power over it, at which point they gave up a portion of the control to a class of beings called High Elves. Using this small enclave of power, the High Elves would spring board themselves into becoming the largest more dominant race of Ancaria. Once they secure this power base, an ugly internal struggle for control erupts, and various factions of High Elves begin fighting each other. The main source of the conflict is over who controls the all of the T-Energy, and while the High Elves are distracted with conflict, other races of beings begin to enter the fray, hoping that perhaps they can stake a claim over the control of some of the T-Energy.

The game feature six total playable races of beings, or classes. All of them are fixed gender based, and have different race specific weapons, armor, and miscellaneous equipment. The animations of the character change depending on what type of weapons and armor they feature. Each character can advance a level if they gather enough fighting experience, with the maximum level being two hundred. The first class of characters, is the Seraphim, which is a noble and good race that can only play what is known as the Light Path. Then there is a Shadow Warrior, which is an elite fighter that has been brought back to life against his will after falling in battle. Next there is the High Elf, a magic student fresh out of the academy. The next characters are a Dryad who uses wicked voodoo magic, a Temple Guardian who is a cyborg type of entity, and the Inquisitor who is an evil character, and thus can only play the Shadow Path.

The magical fantasy land of Ancaria features numerous different quests. According to current numbers, there are over a hundred key campaigns, along with over six hundred separate minor or side quests. These side quests are race or character class specific, so choosing your character will determine the journey that any particular character can proceed down. The game is chalk full of thousands upon thousands of hours of intense and fascinating game play, which is guaranteed to hook you right from the beginning. I own the game, and it hasn't had a chance to collect dust yet, as I still play it daily. With regard to the specific platforms that the game will run on, there are available versions for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. That concludes this very brief article on a wonderful pc game that features the Seraphim angels. Be sure and try it out if you enjoy highly engrossing action packed role playing games.
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