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For those of you not familiar with Seraphim Call, also known as Serafimu Koru, it is a Japanese anime series originally created in 1999 by the Japanese animation studio Sunrise. The series is often considered to be avant-garde in many aspects. First off, Seraphim Call is an anthology of separate storylines, while the majority of Japanese anime is serialized. Another unorthodox characteristic of Seraphim Call is that it will often feature a surprise ending, which in many cases is presented at the start of any particular story, which might be for example seen completely through the eyes of a toy. This somewhat experimental storyline and plot structure is what made Seraphim Call such a successful anime series, and had helped it rise to the top of it's genre. It should be noted however that many of these unique plot features can be extremely subtle, and they are not always easy to detect, especially if you aren't familiar with the series and it's tempo.

With regard to the plot of Seraphim Call, each storyline occurs within the year 2010, which is set in an artificial Japanese island within the futuristic style city of Neo-Acropolis. Living within this fictional city, are eleven girls, which all face a separate issue within their lives that they must overcome. For example, one such character named Yukina Kurimoto, who is a high school student that possesses a high understanding of engineering and the sciences. Yukina also has one major drawback, which is that she suffers from androphobia, and thus will only travel about within a large mecha style robot, so that she can avoid coming into contact with any male characters. Another character Tanpopo Teramoto, has many skill sets, yet for some odd reason she suffers from a childish obsession with children's toys, such as comic books, stuffed animals, and coloring books. All of the other female characters suffer from some major defect.

If you are interested in watching an episode of Seraphim Call, you can do so online quite easily. At various video hosting websites such as YouTube, you can find authorized copies of episodes to watch. Due to YouTube's ten minute video duration maximum, individual episodes might be sliced into segments, however it isn't particularly bothersome to watch them in this format. Most of the videos you will come across online are played in their original Japanese language formats, however occasionally you can find episodes with either English dubbing, or English language subtitles. I will state that as an online publisher, it's frustrating to have your work ripped or infringed upon, so do be sure that you are watching authorized videos only. If you can't find authorized versions, then simply go out and buy the Seraphim Call series, as it's well worth the money spent, especially if you are addicted to Japanese anime, like so many of us within the States are.

Browsing around the web, I have also noticed that there is a tremendous amount of Seraphim Call merchandise and memorabilia floating around. For example you can buy deluxe editions of the DVDs, which feature extended or alternative ending episodes, as well as director's cut versions that show previously unseen footage. Outside of DVDs, I have also seen a lot of autographed drawings from the series, signed by the artists themselves. Due to the fact that the series was only one season long, spanning twelve episodes, some of the memorabilia associated with it can be quite valuable, especially limited edition autographed anime stills. That concludes this very brief article on Seraphim Call. Do be sure and watch a couple of episodes, as it's a great way to kill a couple of hours on a rainy day. I would also like to encourage you all to continue browsing through our website, as we have tons of other fun and interesting angel articles.
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