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We are constantly flooded with inquiries and emails about the 2007 movie Seraphim Falls, despite the fact that the movie has nothing to do with angels or theology. Rather than turn these people away empty handed, I thought that I would finally write up a quick overview of the movie, as well as include my own personal review. If after reading through this article you still cannot find the information that you are looking for, than please visit IMDB, or some other trustworthy movie and film portal. This article will be brief, as it doesn't really fit in with the general theme of my website, and I don't want to spend too much time on the subject. If you are a regular visitor to our site, then please forgive me for going off on a tangent, but do at least read on, as the movie is worthwhile entertainment if you haven't seen it already, and it's guaranteed not to leave you disappointed after viewing it, especially if you enjoy Western movies.

The film Seraphim Falls was released in January of 2007. It features the renown actors Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson in the lead hero and anti-hero roles, as well as a long list of other noteworthy actors and actresses. The film is an American western style drama, having been filmed primarily in New Mexico, as well along the McKenzie River in our home state of Oregon. The movie was originally written by Abby Everett Jaques and David Von Ancken, and then later directed by the later writer. It runs nearly two hours long, and is filmed entirely in the English language, with various non-English translations available. The original film score was created by the acclaimed British film score composer Harry Gregson Williams, and accents the film wonderfully. If you are interested in a more in depth cast and production overview of the film Seraphim Falls, then do be sure and check out any of the more popular movie portals.

With regard to the film's plot, it takes place right at the conclusion of one of North America's bloodiest conflicts, the Civil War. The film begins with Pierce Brosnan's character Gideon taking refuge within the Rocky Mountains. As he prepares to light up a fire to keep himself warm, a bullet rips through his body, and he's forced to flee. Later on in the film, the viewers learn that Gideon is a wanted man, and Liam Neeson's character Colonel Morsman Carver, is leading the charge in hunting him down. Without spoiling the plot for anyone, Carver is pursuing Gideon to avenge a crime that was committed against him. This classic criminal pursuit story then runs through some of the harshest variety of American geography, as Carver chases Gideon down. After a long and deadly pursuit, both of the characters are eventually lead to their final confrontation, of which I will say no more as to not ruin the story for anyone else who hasn't yet seen it.

The film received a warm reception and average reviews. While some critics thought that Brosnan and Neeson made the perfect adversaries, other critics thought that the characters were too old for their respective parts, and lacked vitality in many of the scenes. As far as my own personal opinion goes, I would have to agree that Brosnan and Neeson were excellent in the movie, and any shortcomings that the film might have had, were confined to the script, and not the acting itself. And that isn't to say that I thought the script was flawed in any way, I actually found the dialogue to be very well written, and not overly melodramatic. In conclusion I really enjoyed the film, and would definitely encourage others to watch it. The film is available for purchase on DVD, and can be easily purchased online. We would like to thank you all for checking out this very brief article, please do browse around our website some more for other articles.
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