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Our staff were recently made aware of a really awesome music group called Seraphim Shock. We have no affiliation with the group, but since their name is angelic in origin, we thought it would be fun to write up a brief article about them. The group has an official website and myspace web page, so as soon as you are done reading this, head over to either of their portals, and listen to some samples of their music. The band Seraphim Shock was formed by Charles Edward, and according to their own bio they consider themselves the ultimate Halloween band, clearly a play on the fact that their performances are somewhat theatrical. Personally I'm not the best judge of musical genre, but I would say that Seraphim Shock could be considered heavy metal or hard rock. They list their influences as being The Cure, Rob Zombie, Guns N' Roses, The Ramones, Billy Idol, Sisters Of Mercy, Sex Pistols, Motley Crue, and a few other very similar bands.

Over at YouTube there seems to be quite a number of videos of the band performing, which if you watch them you will get an idea of how their performance act looks. One video I saw is of them performing the bad arse song Gothic Theater live. The stage setting during the vid looked sweet, with various multicolored lights shining through a thick fog, all set against a dark black backdrop. Many of the videos of them available on YouTube were shot using home cameras, and so in many cases the sound quality isn't the best, but at least you can see the performance quite well. Another cool video I found was of them performing the song Annabell, which is probably one of my favorite Seraphim Shock songs. So be sure to head over to YouTube, and dig through their extensive archives to see what you can find. I noticed that Seraphim Shock videos hosted there seem to come and go very quickly, but there is usually a decent influx of fresh unseen video footage.

With regard to Seraphim Shock tour dates, I checked their official website as I was curious to see if they would be playing in Oregon any time soon, as I would like get tickets, however their tour date section doesn't seem to have been updated in quite some time. I'm not sure if that means they are busy recording an album and are not currently touring, or if they are indeed touring but just haven't had a chance to update the site. If you are interested in finding out more info on tour dates, my advice would be to contact them directly by email. What is currently available on their website, is a long and extensive list of previous tour dates and locations, which will give you some idea of what locations they play at, assuming that they are indeed touring. An interesting question to ask them, would be if they tour Europe at all. One of our offices is located in Krakow Poland, and I know that Polish rockers would absolutely love the Seraphim Shock.

If after listening to the awesome music samples on their myspace page, you feel like buying any of their four albums, then head over to Amazon where they're all available for purchase. You can also buy their albums directly from their official website, all you need to complete the transaction is a PayPal account or credit card. In addition to albums, their website also features various band memorabilia that you can buy, such as logo stickers, t-shirts, autographed albums, and other cool stuff. We would like to thank you all again for reading through this very brief article, do be sure to check out Seraphim Shock's official website, especially if you are into heavy metal, hard rock, or Marilyn Manson style theatrics and stage performances. We would also like to encourage you to add our website to your browser's favorites list, as we plan to add many more interesting angels and religion related facts and articles in the very near future.
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