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The mighty Archangel Camael is a powerful deity that exists within Judeo Christian angelology. His name is often spelled as Camniel, Kamuel, Chamuel, or Camiel. The name Camael itself is Latin in origin, and means he who sees God, or he who seeks out God. According to the mythology surrounding this figure, he is sometimes accredited as being the leader of the archangels that were sent to cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Occasionally Camael is also listed as being one of the renown seven archangels. It should be noted that Camael isn't listed within traditional mainstream Old or New Testament scripture, and his place within noncanonical works is dubious at best. Due to it being somewhat difficult to trace Camael's exact point of origin, many Christian denominations do not recognize him as an archangel. Even the Vatican for example banned Camael from being recognized at all by the Catholic Church, as he doesn't have the scriptural backing.

The Archangel Camael is often associated with pure love, and he is said to be able to wipe away all traces of sorrow from a persons heart. Camael is also known as the facilitator of total forgiveness, helping to mend and heal broken or damaged relationships. Another gift that Camael is said to bestow on people, is the ability to find or recognize one's soul mate. The exact scriptural source that lists all of these abilities will be impossible to pinpoint in this day and age, and therefor it is thought by most scholars that these powers that Camael possesses are rooted in the occult, or angel worshipping circles. These occult groups are known to have existed around the time that Jesus walked the earth, and thus it is possible that Camael might have played a central role in these old fringe beliefs. There is also the possibility that Camael was a pagan God of European origin that was molded into an angel after Christianity spread to the continent.

If you research Camael in depth, you will notice that his name generally appears in New Age literature, and it's very difficult to find anything concrete about him within Judeo Christian literature, unless his name has been incorrectly attributed to any of the archangels that possess some scriptural backing. I also noticed that Camael's name is difficult to find in older literature, even occult or angelology based works. This would lead me to conclude that many of these great powers and characteristics that he possesses might be possibly fairly new in origin. For example, if one looks back at some of the older works that discusses the archangel, you basically find Judeo Christian excerpts stating how he was involved with the Garden of Eden incident, and not much else that would parallel the attributes of representing pure love, forgiveness, and so forth. When the Vatican banned Camael, they said it was simply due to the lack of a solid scriptural backing.

So in conclusion, the Archangel Camael isn't an easy figure to pin down, and many of these angelic attributes, powers, and characteristics associated with him are somewhat flimsy. I'm reluctant to come to the rock solid conclusion that some of these contemporary attributes were simply made up recently by various occult or New Age groups, however there isn't much by way of historic sources to back some of these claims. I did come across several prayers on the internet attributed to the Archangel Camael, however they looked pretty shoddy with regard to authenticity. So I will continue to research Camael in the coming months, as this article has sparked some curiosity on my part with regard to the angel's precise point of origin. I will also contact members from both the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox church, and see what they have to say about him. Once I receive some more solid information, and will publish it here for you to read through.
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