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Saint Jegudiel, also known as the archangel Jegudiel, Jhudiel, Jehudiel, and Yehudiel, is one of the seven archangels in the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. His name translated from ancient Hebrew to English means Glory of God, or the laudation of God. Jegudiel is often portrayed in Eastern iconography art wearing a crown and holding a whip with three ends on it. He is the patron saint of all who seek him out, or for those who wear a symbolic representation of him featuring his renown crown which symbolizes the reward for a successful spiritual effort. Along with his subordinate angels, the archangel Jegudiel is the advisor and protector of all who work for the glory of God in positions of responsibility incurred by kings, judges, and other very high ranking state officials and leaders. Thus you will often see politicians and religious statesmen wearing small Saint Jegudiel medallions, brooches, pins, and trinkets, all thought to protect them.

Jehudiel is also known as the bearer of God's love, as well as an angel of the day Friday. He is considered to be one of the seven holy archangels in the Catholic variant system that combines successive days of the week with a particular archangel and their individual attributes. Within the Catholic faith, Jegudiel is usually depicted with a flaming heart, or having the Sacred Heart in his hand. It is important to note however that you will not often see the name Jegudiel appear within Catholic scripture or literature, as they refer to him exclusively as Jehudiel, or the archangel Jehudiel. The fact that this angel's name and attributes run so closely in parallel between both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, means that Saint Jehudiel or Jegudiel was quite a noteworthy figure before the East West Schism that split the Christian church apart. I mention this because some of the other Christian archangels are not shared by both churches.

With regard to the history of the archangel's name, it is thought to have first been mentioned in the Book of Enoch between 130 BC and 68 AD. Shortly thereafter and depending on the nationality of first Christians, he was called Jegudiel or Jehudiel. Obviously the angel's name came into contact with numerous different languages and cultures as Christianity spread throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, thus resulting in different ways of spelling and pronouncing it. If you're not advanced in the understanding of Christian scripture and it's many translations, then often times you can easily assume that several characters are being referred to, when in actuality it is only one, just with numerous different spelling variations coming into play. This is often where the Christian inspired occult and New Age groups run afoul, as they always seems to conclude that spelling variances are references to separate beings, when this is not the case.

As far as artistic representations of the archangel Jegudiel are concerned, there are many. The classic Eastern Orthodox depiction of him is beautiful, usually showing him standing upright, holding a crown in his right hand, and a rod or staff in his left hand. In one of the more colorful examples that I have seen, Jegudiel is draped in a bright robe of pinks, royal blues, and gold, topped off with a gold embossed halo behind his flowing long brown hair. I've also seen many stained glass church windows featuring the archangel, which are usually done in breathtaking fashion. Once I receive the copyright permission, I plan to add a series of photos to this web page that feature artistic forms of Jegudiel. That concludes this quick article, we hope that you learned something new. I would also like to encourage you to continue browsing our website, as we have hundreds of recently added facts and articles within our always growing angel research database.
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