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The archangel Jehudiel has many names, such as Saint Jehudiel, Jhudiel, or Jegudiel. Translated from Hebrew the angel's name means the "laudation of God". Jehudiel is one of the seven archangels recognized by the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic church. The angel appears often in iconography, and is usually shown holding a golden crown and a long whip. He is recognized as the patron saint for people who labor in some field of endeavor, and the angel's crown represents the reward of spiritual growth. According to Eastern Orthodox tradition, anyone who works in a high position of power yet honors the Lord, should seek advice from the angel. These people would include kings, politicians, lawyers, judges, and others. Jehudiel and his army of subordinate angels have been assigned to defend all men who have power, yet stay true in mind and spirit to God's message, and who represent God in all of their daily work, deeds, and responsibilities.

The archangel also has other duties, such as being the bearer of God's merciful love. He is also the archangel that presides over the day of Friday, which is the case for both Eastern Orthodox and Catholic traditions. In the Catholic faith Jehudiel is referred to as Saint Jehudiel, and is often shown in Catholic art as having a flaming heart, or holding the sacred heart in his right hand. He also often is shown holding a flaming crown, which in the Catholic church represents the victory of grace that will be given to all of the saints in the next life. The crown is also a symbol of the religious suffering that is to be endured here on earth, as well as the suffering in which Jesus Christ went through before ascending to heaven. Some of the various exquisite Catholic stained glass art representations of Jehudiel are absolutely breath taking to look at, as his flaming heart and crown light up with hundreds of different colors as the sunlight shine through the glass.

Jehudiel is not recognized by Judaism or Islam, as already mention in various parts of our website. Within the Christian church the archangel is almost exclusively recognized within the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox church alone. The Protestant denomination only recognizes two archangels, which are Michael and Gabriel, both being named in the Protestant bible. In fact Gabriel himself isn't even recognized as an archangel by many Protestants, who claim that the bible never officially states that Gabriel is anything other than an angel. Outside of Christianity, there are many occultists who do believe in archangels, however they primarily only believe in the main four, and do not believe in Jehudiel. Some angel worshipping cults do include Jehudiel within their list of angels, however many of the sects that do are fringe at best, and have loose traditions and very rough organizational structures which determine their beliefs.

I found an interesting Catholic prayer to Jehudiel. The prayer goes, Oh holy Saint Jehudiel, the mighty and strong opposer of Lucifer. Assist us in this time with your army of angels. Join us in our battle against the constant attacks of hell, which at their core is the aim to destroy our Holy Mother the Church. Keep us company at our hour of death, and comfort us with your heavenly presence. Intercede for us so that we will not perish without our last sacraments, so that we may stand tall and prepared before God's judgement. Take away all jealousy from our hearts so that we may all conform to God's Divine Will, and become like you, a living testament to the glory of the Lord in this life, and in the life that awaits us. In these things we pray, Amen. This prayer seems to have several variances, as I believe it was originally written in Latin. We hope you have enjoyed this article, do browse around our website some more for other interesting facts.
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