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The great archangel Michael is probably the most well known of all the angels, as he appears in numerous scripture within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It is said that he commands the armies of God, and is responsible for vanquishing foes both in heaven and on earth. Michael is referred to directly by name first in the Book of Daniel, where it is said that he is a great prince among angels, a title that he shares only with his angelic brother Lucifer. In this scripture he comes to the archangel Gabriel's aid as he's confronted by Dobiel the angel of Persia. Throughout this same scripture, Michael is also declared as a fierce protectorate of Israel, and that he serves Daniel's people. Outside of the Book of Daniel, Michael is also directly referenced by name in the Book of Jude, as well as in the Book of Revelation. In the later book, it is foretold that Michael will battle the Antichrist, an indirect reference to his coming final battle with Lucifer or Satan.

According to Judeo Christian teachings, the great archangel Michael is thought to have been referenced indirectly as far back as the book of Genesis. It it taught that it was Michael who stood guard at the gate of Eden, making sure that the tree of life was kept safe. It is also taught that Michael was the angel who facilitated the publishing of the Decalogue for the Jewish people, who blocked the way forward for Balaam, and who vanquished the army of Sennacherib. Christian scripture also refers to Michael directly by name, such as in the Book of Jude, it states that Michael has a confrontation with Satan over the body of Moses. Michael is also mentioned in the Book of Revelation, where it states that there was a great war in heaven, and that the archangel Michael with a legion of his followers fought the great dragon. This is a reference to Michael defeating his brother Lucifer, and then casting him and his followers out of heaven for all of time.

As stated repeatedly within Jewish rabbinic teachings, the archangel Michael has served and continues to serve as the protectorate and guardian of the promised land of Israel. On numerous occasions within Old Testament scripture, Michael had to battle with the angelic princes of other nations, such as his conflict with the angel Samael, an evil accuser of Israel. It is also taught that Michael was the angel that saved Abraham from the burning furnace that he was thrown into by Nimrod. In a likely more well known story, Michael was credited as the angel that stopped Isaac's father from sacrificing him. There are numerous other Old Testament scripture that include Michael interacting directly with both Jacob and Moses. In more contemporary Jewish teaching such as Kabbalistic traditions, the archangel Michael is regarded as the protector of not just the state of Israel, but of all the Jewish people, regardless of where they reside.

The Islamic faith recognizes four separate archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, and Isfrafel. Within Islamic traditions and literature, the archangel Michael is referred to by name as Mikha'il or Mikal. Islamic teachings state that Michael dwells within the seventh heaven, and has wings of beautiful emerald green. He is mentioned just one time in the holy Qur'an in Sura Chapter 2 verse 98. In this scripture Michael is described as an angel of good, who brings peace and prosperity to all of mankind. In this same set of scripture, it is also reaffirmed that it was Michael and two other archangels who visited Abraham, the same teachings held by Christians and Orthodox Jews. Within Islam Michael is closely linked with the great archangel Gabriel, with both appearing together while carrying out numerous duties for God himself, such as comforting Adam and Eve after they are both banished from the Garden of Eden for all of time.
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