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As probably only a few of you are aware, one of the mighty Abrahamic archangels is known as Pravuil. This angel is probably one of the very least known of the noncanonical archangels, however the Second Book of Enoch states that he has quite an important set of spiritual duties that he is in charge of. In Enoch is says that out of all the holy Biblical archangels, Pravuil is the quickest in wisdom. It goes on to state that the archangel is also in charge of writing down and cataloging all of the deeds of God himself. For example the Lord commanded Pravuil to gather books of quick writing for Enoch, a clear reference to him working as a scribe. Pravuil is then commanded to tell Enoch to write out all of the souls of mankind, regardless of how many there are. There is also mention within the Holy Bible of Pravuil carrying out some of these celestial cataloguing duties on behalf of the Holy Spirit of God, and thus Pravuil is very often linked to the entity.

Within the world of nonreligious or Christian influenced occult, the archangel Pravuil is often associated with the gaining of knowledge and wisdom, and sometimes with the maturing of the adult mind. He is also occasionally called the gatekeeper or guardian of wisdom, and that all who seek out the knowledge of the world and time, must pass into Pravuil's presence. Some pagan rites have sort of fashioned the angel as a spiritual librarian of sorts, claiming that if a person seeks knowledge or truth on any subject, that one should pray to him, and ask that he roll away all obstacles and reveal the knowledge that one seeks. I have even come across some occult literature that claims Pravuil holds the only key to all romantic secrets between two lovers, sort of like a Christian occult version of the Pandora's box. Now do bear in mind that these occult claims have dubious origins, and you will not find any mainstream Christian scriptural backing for any of them.

If you really want to venture out into some deep waters way off the beaten path, then feel free to explore what some of the more fringe New Age groups think about Pravuil. I have come across a good portion of literature claiming that the archangel Pravuil is actually a space alien, and that the Book of Enoch is a coded manuscript that has the ability to unlock a higher level of human consciousness, a mind state that is needed to understanding the true origins of our world. In this same sense these New Age groups accept that Pravuil is the is as he appears in the Book of Enoch, a heavenly scribe associated with wisdom, however in their opinion the spiritual world is actually another physical dimension only accessible through superhuman understanding. Some of these people also believe that the Book of Enoch was actually written in 1973, and through a series of massive cover ups and mind manipulation, people have falsely assumed it's much older.

So in conclusion, there really isn't a whole lot of scriptural backing for the archangel Pravuil, and thus he is always a sort of obscure figure hiding in the shadows. Even many Christian denominations don't recognize Pravuil as an official archangel, and many people priests and scholars alike, will not even recognize Pravuil by name. In a very rare Bible translation that is off the beaten path, you might catch the word wisdom being referred to by name as Pravuil. With regard to the Christian inspired occult and New Age alien loving folks, the sky seems to be the limit with regard to who the archangel Pravuil is as far as they are concerned. In fact if you possess a decent creative writing skill set, then they're likely to let you add to Pravuil's growing list of angelic like qualities, or even entail which space aliens he hangs with in that land of greater human consciousness. That concludes this article, we hope that all you learned something new.
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