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As mentioned in the Book of Enoch, the archangel Ramiel is the sixth leader and a Watcher or Grigori. The name Ramiel translates into English to mean Thunder of God, or God's Thunder, as the word itself is a combination of the words ra'am and God. Ramiel is quite often mixed up with Azazel who is also called Rameel, a word that means arrogant towards God, or the evening of God. Though do keep in mind that Ramiel and Rameel are two totally separate angels. Within the Christian and Islamic faiths, Ramiel is recognized as an official archangel, where he is often referred to as the mercy of God, or the eternal compassion of God. You'll notice that both the Christian and Islamic faiths don't consider Ramiel to be the thunder of God, so in that sense they deviate away from the Book of Enoch and it's description of Ramiel. I should also quickly point out that the Book of Enoch isn't considered to be canonical scripture by most Christians.

Within the Book of IV Esdras, the holy archangel Ramiel is considered to be an angel of hope. It is also stated within this set of scripture that Ramiel has two tasks assigned to him by God, which are that he is the bearer of all divine visions, and that he is one of several angelic guides of the afterlife, escorting the souls of the faithful into heaven after they've left their earthly vessels. What any reader of the Book of IV Esdras should be made aware of, is that in some translations Ramiel is referred to as either Jeremiel or Uriel, a somewhat confusing issue. In the scriptural passages where the name mix up occurs, it states that either Jeremiel or Uriel are the archangel who presides over the recently departed, however clearly the passage is referring to Ramiel. It goes on to claim that Ramiel is the first angel to arrive once someone has died, and that he patiently stands guard by their fallen bodies until their soul rises, and is ready to head into the afterlife.

As far as the angel driven occult world is concerned, the archangel Ramiel takes on many different characteristics and attributes. For example some occult or New Age faiths believe that Ramiel is the angel that allows humans to see the truth, and he is also accredited as being the angel of joy for all women or females. When giving out the blessings of joy, Ramiel does so in female form. I have also seen special New Age anointed crystals and semiprecious gemstones that are said to possess the essence of this archangel, and that if these stones are kept close to the skin, that the angel will bless the wearer. Upon close study of the occult or New Age interpretation of Ramiel and what he represents, it becomes clear that in this regard his character has been converged with pagan Gods. This is often the case with occult belief systems, where they will converge Biblical deities with pagan Gods, a practice that is widely condemned by Christians.

Within some Christian academic circles, there exists a belief that Ramiel was an archangel, but that now he is a fallen angel. It is unclear whether these scholars believe that Ramiel fell with Lucifer, or if he fell at some later date due to an unrelated transgression or sin against God. The reason such differing views on Biblical angels can exist within Christianity, is because so many different translations exist, which often times confuses angel names, especially when they have only slight spelling differences. The other issue is regarding canonical vs. noncanonical Biblical scripture. Some conservative Christian denominations do recognize certain archangels from within noncanonical scripture, despite them rejecting the scriptural source itself as having not been divinely inspired. Other Christian denominations take a more puritan approach to these noncanonical beings, and simply discount any of them that do not appear within the Biblical.
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