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According to Christian and Kabbalistic angelology, Sachiel is a mighty archangel from the heavenly order of the Cherubim. Translated from Hebrew into English, the name Sachiel means the covering of God. Sachiel is quite often associated with Sagittarius a Zodiacal sign, as well as the weekday Monday, Thursday, and Friday. He is also known as the archangel of both charity and wealth, supposedly possessing the angelic power to be able to help humans collect material wealth, should God will it. As far as astrology is concerned, the archangel Sachiel is often considered to be a watcher over the planet Jupiter, likely an attribute that was assigned to him by early Christians who had recently converted over from early European paganism. It should be noted that it is not particularly uncommon for archangels to possess pagan issued powers, as many of the early Christians were heavily influenced by paganism, and likely saw angels as demigods.

The archangel Sachiel has a fairly old and well established role within many Judeo Christian inspired occult and New Age movements. According to these belief systems, Sachiel has a wide array of powers, such as the ability to grant material wealth. He is also often associated with trading, business, investments, banking, insurance, gambling, politics, and legal matters. Legend has it that if you are faced with a problem that involves any of the aforementioned subjects, you should then pray to the archangel Sachiel for guidance, and he will help you out. New Age or occult groups will often craft special cards or trinkets dedicated to Sachiel, and these objects are said to possess the power to summon the holy angel. These trinkets include crystals and pendants that should be worn close to the skin. Obviously almost all Christian and Jewish followers will consider these occult beliefs and practices to be a sin, as angels shouldn't be prayed to for any reason at all.

Outside of religious beliefs, the great archangel Sachiel also appears within fiction, such as in the Japanese anime and manga entitled Neon Genesis Evangelion. These holy angelic figures play an important role in the storyline, and frequently attack Tokyo-3 throughout the duration of the series. With regard to the Sachiel character, also known as Sakieru in Japanese, he is the first angel that participates in the attack on Tokyo-3. Sachiel is a very large and somewhat humanlike creature, with long bony like elements attached to this mid section and shoulders. On his legs he as fish gill like organs, webbed hands, and a face with a bizarre beaked component to it. Within this story Sachiel has a whole host of extremely powerful weapons and armor, and it does significant damage to UN military forces sent to engage it. Sachiel takes on some minor damage during this conflict, however he possesses powerful regenerative abilities that heal him very quickly.

With regard to artistic representations of the archangel Sachiel, I was unable find a single early period Christian or Jewish painting or sculpture. I even searched my local library archives here in Portland, and there wasn't even one early artistic representation of this elusive being. I did however find tons of contemporary anime art that feature the angel, however none of them had even a moderate level of Christian or Jewish religious influence worked into them. As a kind request to my web guests and visitors, if you know of any Christian or Jewish art examples of Sachiel that exist, then please be sure to let me know how I can views these objects. I would also be interested in hosting a photo here on the website, as I'm sure it would be a unique find for anyone else searching for it. That concludes this brief article, I hope that you learned something new about Sachiel. Do not forget to bookmark us, so that you can come back again in the future.
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