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Zerachiel is one of the most powerful princes of angels, ranked above all other archangels, and who has been called to protect the angelic forces of good against Satan and his demons. Some sources even suggest that Zerachiel is the one archangel with the power over all angels, even the Seraphim which outrank him in the Christian angelic hierarchy. In the literature entitled Hekhalot, Zerachiel is said to be the only angel holding the coveted position of the Prince of Heaven. Zerachiel's name translated from Hebrew into English means God's command, or God's commandment. Scripture claims that he is one of the few angels who leads souls to God's judgment. Scripture also states that he is an angel of healing, the angel of the Sun, and ruler over the earth. He is also said to be the angel of children, especially children who have parents that are sinners, or are prone to leading a life that is not in accordance with the Holy Bible and the laws of God.

The archangel Zerachiel is also claimed to be an angel with the power over night and human dreams. If a person wants to understand the hidden meaning of their dreams, then they should pray to Zerachiel for guidance and advice, as it is him that possesses the ability to decipher them. The Archangel Zerachiel is also one of the two helpers of the archangel Michael, with the other being the angel Ithuriel. Zerachiel is also said to be the leader of the heavenly choir, and over all music in Heaven. He is also known as the angel the presides over exorcisms, appearing in spirit form to assist any church officials who are conducting the practice of evicting demons from the human body. Most of these attributes and powers associated with Zerachiel are confined to Jewish scripture, and do not appear in canonical Christian scripture. In fact there isn't much information available within the Christian church on him, however some denominations recognize him.

Outside of religious scripture, the Abrahamic occult realm seems to have equipped the archangel Zerachiel with an arsenal of powers. For example occult or New Age literature claims that Zerachiel should be prayed to if you are suffering from too much chaos in your life, as he can help grant you peace and tranquility. Occult beliefs also claim that he is the angel responsible for freeing people from the burden of guilt, selfishness, or envy. It is said that upon freeing you from these afflictions, he will bestow upon you the ability to see the higher truth. New Age groups also believe Zerachiel is the protector of children, as stated in Jewish texts, however they have greatly embellished upon this power, believing that he is the personal guardian angel for orphaned children. As is the case with other angels and archangels, occult and New Age groups seems to mold these Judeo Christian religious figures into pagan like deities that are firmly rooted in mythology.

As far as artistic representations of the archangel Zerachiel are concerned, there don't seem to be any earlier period pieces available, as there are with so many of the other archangels. This is likely due to the fact that most Christian denominations do not recognize Zerachiel as an official archangel, and thus they don't celebrate him through art. In searching for art examples featuring Zerachiel at my local library, I did come across contemporary works, mostly in the medium of comics and anime. Through searching the internet I uncovered quite a few artistic examples of Zerachiel appearing in video games, all of which appeared to be only loosely based on the actual religious character of him. I have to say that I'm always awestruck and impressed by the volume of Judeo Christian religious figures that end up in various examples of Japanese art media, either in anime or video games. They seem to really like these angelic figures.
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