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For those of you who are not familiar with Gundam, or Gandamu as it's called in it's native Japanese tongue, it is a Japanese anime series or metaseries. Gundam is created by the world renown Japan based animation studio called Sunrise, famous for producing some of the world's leading anime series and franchises. With regard to Gundam, it's a Japanese word that translates to mean mecha, which in turn is a name given to the giant transforming robots that the storyline focuses on. This particular anime series started way back in 1979, and is still currently running in various movie and television formats. It's one of the most popular and successful anime franchises in history, and is often compared with Transformers, the robot themed cartoon series that exploded to success within the United States, and has gone on to be remade in several ultra high budget movies. Incase you aren't aware Transformers also started out in Japan.

As far as the Wing Gundam Seraphim is concerned, it is a character from the Gundam anime series, and has angelic features as it's name would suggest. It's primary colors on it's upper body are royal purple, with it's legs and giant Seraphim like wings being white. With regard to it's official mecha model number, it is XXXG-00W0S. The name Wing Gundam Seraphim is actually it's code name, as opposed to it's official moniker. The unit type is mass produced, and a general purpose mobile suit. It's operator class is civilian, and it's manufacturer is called the Romefeller Foundation, which is also known as the manufacturing plant Colony X-18722. The unit is solo pilot only, and has a standard cockpit within it's heavily armored upper torso, which is fortified with gundanium alloy. When it comes to it's internal power source, it possesses an ultra compact fusion reactor, with a massive output power range of a very high unknown potential.

The Wing Gundam Seraphim became well known within the epic battle known as the Eve Wars. During this conflict the Wing Gundam Seraphim were probably the most feared mecha on the battlefield, having unleashed an absolute hell upon their opponents. Before the battle took place, the Romefeller Foundation spent countless hours of research into creating the ultimate weapon, and thus the Wing Gundam Seraphim were born. These mechas were constructed in total secrecy, to prevent any technology related to them from being leaked to the enemy. The inspiration for these mecha was based on an earlier model called Wing Gundam Zero, or known by it's model number as XXXG-00W0. The main difference between the Seraphim and Zero class, was that the Seraphim possess shielded wings, making them far less vulnerable during flight. The Wing Gundam Seraphim class also underwent many new outer cosmetic alterations.

I know this article doesn't have a direct relation to mythology or theology, however I thought it would be a fun article to write, as it's related in theme. I'm also a huge fan of Gundam, especially the angelic models. If you have dabbled in Japanese anime, then you know that the Seraphim angels are often the source of inspiration for many characters across a broad range of animation. As I mentioned in other writings, I find it fascinating that characters from within the three Abrahamic religions have grown to become so revered within East Asian culture, and not just Japanese, but also within Chinese and South Korea fantasy as well. It's not known exactly when the Seraphim were introduced to Asian culture through fiction, but it's likely to have taken place sometime in the early sixties to early seventies, when anime began to really explode in popularity. Thanks for reading through this brief article, I really hope that you enjoyed it.
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